There are three different bonus rounds – chance, 2 rolls and 4 rolls

There are three different bonus rounds – chance, 2 rolls and 4 rolls

What is Monopoly Live?

Monopoly Live is a live dealer Game Show that consists of a live host who spins a large Monopoly money wheel. The chance bonus offers the chance to win a multiplier bonus and the rolls bonus take you to a virtual Monopoly table where you have the opportunity to win big money.

If you want to play MONOPOLY Live, just click on the PLAY button above and this will take you to our live casino section where you can play. If you would like to find out a bit more about the game then read our review below:

Review of Monopoly Live

Arguably the most popular board game of all time, Monopoly has captured the imagination of families worldwide for ent game has been a common backdrop to a huge number of slots over the years, so much so that it stands as almost a subgenre of slots in its own right. The latest offering comes from the team at Evolution Gaming – MONOPOLY Live. Not quite a slots game – although there are many Monopoly Casino Slots, it’s actually similar to their hugely popular Dream Catcher live game and Crazy Time casino game. If you’ve played it before, you know exactly what to expect – a live casino game but with a few key twists fans of the board game original with Mr Monopoly will love.

As with all Evolution Gaming titles, Monopoly Live casino game is a live streaming game with a fun bonus game and an excellent return to player (RTP) of %. It’s led by a real human dealer, in real time, who interacts with players by high definition web link. You can logon and start playing at any time of the day or night, getting access to the special Monopoly-themed wheel. You may even get lucky and win on your first Monopoly Live spin.

First unveiled at the ICE 2019 convention, the game has raised the bar in terms of expectations of live gaming, and is well worth a spin or two to see how good live gaming can become. You never know, you might hit the 4 spins bonus game.

The idea of MONOPOLY Live is fundamentally simple – players bet on the spin of a wheel, based on different numerical outcomes. In some ways, it shares features with games like roulette. But it also combines features of 3D augmented reality that really are at the cutting edge of technology such as Mr Monopoly. There are also a number of additional bonuses that go beyond the standard game, and there’s so much going on with each Monopoly Live spin, it’s certain not to get stale.

Look outfor dice rolls which can pose other chances to win, as well as re-rolls whenyou land doubles – just as with real-life versions of the game. You’ll alsocome across a number of multipliers along the way, as well as benefiting everytime Mr. Monopoly makes a move from the side of the reels.

Extra Features

The main game action unfolds on the money wheel, where you’re tasked with betting on the outcome of the next spin. But aside from the numbers on the wheel, you’ll also find there are several other wheel positions that can deliver some decent wins as you play.

Firstly, you can land a CHANCE card position, similar interac casino canada to the role of Chance cards in the board game. These deliver a random cash prize or multiplier bonus, depending on your luck, and when you land on this chance card segment, Mr. Monopoly will appear on the screen to present your chance card. It’s this interface between reality and e Monopoly Live such an interesting one to take for a spin. The virtual Mr Monopoly really makes the game come alive and extra exciting with the chance of winning a random cash prize.

As well as the standard numbers, there’s also the chance to land ‘2 ROLLS’ or ‘4 ROLLS’. If the wheel lands on either of these positions, it starts the main bonus game where you can start to win some of the bigger prizes Monopoly Live casino game has to offer. The 4 rolls of the dice bonus is the top bonus where you have a better chance of winning bigger prizes.

Monopoly Live Bonus Feature

When the bonus game is triggered, you’ll join Mr. Monopoly in a 3D augmented reality world. This takes you to a 3D Monopoly board, where you can start to move through something more closely resembling the board game. There are a pair of dice you can roll here to determine your movement around the board, with elements like passing GO, jail, houses and hotels all starting to play their part.

Only eligible players can compete in the bonus game, but if you’re not eligible by the time it rolls around, you can still observe the action unfolding. This is where you can start to rack up some of the bigger wins from the bonus game.

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