MLM Makes You a Hustler, Whether You Like it or Not

MLM Makes You a Hustler, Whether You Like it or Not

Before I get started, I know this post is likely to ruffle a few feathers. Hopefully if you are involved in MLM though, you can please let your guard down so I can give you some perspective outside of the “bubble”. Often times when you are involved in a group and everyone thinks the same and acts the same, you don’t get any unique perspective.

Also, when you PAY for something you are instantly going to defend your purchase. It is a stupid feeling when you realize that you have been ripped off and in no way would I call anyone stupid or look at anyone that way if they were part of an MLM. It is all part of the journey to success and sometimes we need to find out what doesn’t work before we can find out what works.

In this post, I am going to make some valid points that I think you are going be able to appreciate on both sides of the fence. Those that love or think they love MLM… as well as those that are bitter towards the idea of MLM because of past experiences. Either way, these are undeniable points that I am about to make.

You are that pimp standing on the corner of the street. You are that energy juice salesperson that solicits your “scheme” to people. You are selling insurance programs that nobody has ever heard of, yet you do so because there is opportunity getting others to do as you are.

Every MLM is based on the hustle. You are told, “get out there and make some cold calls”, “call your friends and family”, “talk about it every day”, “use social media to mention something about it every day”, “check up on your downline”, “boast about how great the product is”.

This is called hustling and unfortunately it puts your reputation on the line. There is nothing more annoying than listening to someone pitch their MLM to you, often times a product they don’t even really use or they are forced to use it because of the continuity aspect of the program.

Unfortunately there is a systemic problem with MLM and that derives in the business model itself. It relies on you getting other people into the program and almost always if your goal is getting actual customers, it is convincing people to spend way too much on products. That leads me to…

Without Overcharging, There Would be NO Compensation.

There would be no feasible way to earn within an MLM if they didn’t overcharge for their products/services. Your best interest automatically has to be you “selling” people on overpriced junk most of the time, and sometimes unsafe, untested and unproven programs.

AND more often than not, it has nothing to do with the actual product. You are selling people into a scheme so they can do the same to milfplay giriÅŸ others. Most MLM’s have a fee to join. Most MLM’s require you to purchase the product. Most MLM’s have products that are vastly overpriced to support the compensation structure of the very program.

I Confidently Can Say, MLM (Multi-Level

Without overcharging for their products and without having fees or relying on recurring product orders (by the people within the program), an MLM would die out very quickly. Unlike legitimate sales models, they rarely rely on selling quality products at a good price to customers. They rely on selling people on the scheme fees so they can do so to others….and the endless chain continues until people wake up to what is really going on.

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