Interviewed because of the cops once their disappearance, de- Ruiter had solidly rejected any type of sexual relationship

Interviewed because of the cops once their disappearance, de- Ruiter had solidly rejected any type of sexual relationship

New letter told you de- Ruiter did not have any intimate how to get a sugar baby in Aubrey TX relationship with Anina, but one Anina shared with her roomie de Ruiter would reach the girl “in some version of vision, practise the lady on the higher profile and the nature out-of sex

But if or not something physical got took place among them or otherwise not, Anina’s relatives felt like de Ruiter held Anina’s lifetime in the give, and this he’d were unsuccessful this lady.

Religious otherwise “active enjoy,” together with intimate of these, weren’t uncommon on class as well as the writing in the journal is actually conceptual and you may unclear – away from evidence some thing real got happened ranging from Anina and de Ruiter

In another of the girl history journal entries, Anina composed that in case one could end distress it absolutely was its duty to take action, and therefore range pushed this lady nearest and dearest give. It thought with the rest of their followers earned in order to at least know what she authored, and could decide for on their own what things to make of it. Whether or not it had taken place with Anina, the girl family members considered she would n’t have already been alone.

“We, Anina’s siblings and you can mommy, end up being we should instead show something to you that people has actually to date withheld…,” their report began. “More i have considered they, the greater urgently we currently wish and you will ethical obligations so you’re able to entrust you in what we believe is the correct cause you to she left united states. As it concerns all of you about to it will you.”

The page give during the age-emails and on a web page. Someone within the Edmonton published it and distributed it during the an excellent appointment, tucking crisp pages not as much as car windows wipers on the much time rows away from automobile parked exterior Retreat, if you’re into the, de Ruiter and his followers sat in the hushed partnership.

What’s more, it took problem with the newest family members’ description away from a telephone phone call anywhere between de Ruiter and you can Anina’s mommy, and you can said your family had written “a deceitful portrait regarding Anina, and that reduces this lady thoughts.”

“She was smart, thoughtful and you will separate, as opposed to the weakened person depicted throughout the letter,” brand new lawyer’s page read. It told you de Ruiter booked the authority to initiate legal procedures up against the lady family members. A contact on Anina was also published on the College or university out of Provided Philosophy web site, once again saying this lady diary entries discussed “absolutely nothing other than waking fantasies and you may visions.”

“Out-of admiration getting Anina’s thoughts, together with anybody else impacted, everyone is motivated to forget that it not true speculation,” it told you. “To be honest consistent with what we should always realized from the Anina.”

De- Ruiter’s followers often cry when they feel his gaze, as he remains uncannily nevertheless all day immediately.

To people exactly who believe in him, John de- Ruiter are an innocent and very humble professor, unconcerned for the empire away from praise who has sex around him. But he could be along with a business person supposed an incredibly successful, multi-mil dollars enterprise, fiercely protective away from each other his picture and passions.

Together with intimidating legal action facing Anina’s members of the family, de Ruiter have endangered legal actions against journalists talking about him, and charged their ex boyfriend-partner Joyce and you can previous followers for videotapes, pictures and you can possessions. Joyce previously informed reporters its splitting up documents included a clause preventing their out-of saying or performing whatever do hinder his generating potential.

Within her 2009 affidavit, Benita von Sass estimated de Ruiter’s private property in the almost $9-million, and additionally his collateral from the Retreat Heart, an effective $75,one hundred thousand monster truck, our home purchased from the Katrina and set in the label, and private earnings estimated in the $232,100 a-year. One to imagine may now feel somewhat large.

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