Snooze in the lap of luxury at the whimsical Treehouse Hotel

Snooze in the lap of luxury at the whimsical Treehouse Hotel

When you go to a Benihana restaurant, you’re certain of a fun time. These teppanyaki restaurants deliver fresh flavours straight to your bowl, but it’s the way that they do it that makes it such an unforgettable experience. Your food is cooked right in front of you. The chef will immerse you in the meal, even flicking food for you to catch in your mouths. You can explore the best food from land and sea, while the kids get a brilliant introduction to Japanese grub.

The Treehouse Hotel is one of the most unusual and charming places to stay in London. Perched above an office building, it weaves a woodland theme into a modern, stylish and oh-so-comfortable hotel. If you’re our lucky winner, you’ll spend the night in an interconnecting Skyline Queen Room, giving you two queen beds and plenty of space to relax before hitting the city. This playful base has cosy cushions, vintage furniture, Paddington Bears and priceless views of the London Eye, the Shard and more.

Step inside the world of science at the Wonderlab

The Science Museum was already one of the capital’s must-see attractions, but the addition of the Wonderlab in 2016 took it up another notch. Here you’ll be surrounded by interactive elements that will help the kids learn about science in a playful and engaging way. They can head to the Matter Zone to join in live chemistry experiments, race down the giant friction slides or explore celestial wonders in the Space Zone. There are seven zones, explainers on hand and oodles of inspiring live shows and demonstrations.

Experience unforgettable animal magic at London Zoo

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! ZSL London Zoo is one of the world’s greatest places to visit animals from around the globe and our winner can take their family to meet piranhas, penguins and pygmy hippos. Sat on the edge of Regent’s Park, this is a zoo the kids will adore, full of incredible experiences and sights. The various habitats across the sprawling zoo means that you’ll encounter critters from all continents, whether they’re snoozing, playing or getting ready for feeding time.

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The options when dining vegan in Leeds are getting better and better. But if you want a foodie experience that will blow your mind and fill your stomach at the same time, there are a few treats that go above and beyond. We’re talking completely vegan bottomless brunches, tasting menus and afternoon teas, so whether you’re full-time vegan or just eager to try new flavours, give these special experiences a go.

Vegan Bottomless Brunch at Meat Is Dead

Meat Is Dead is an entirely plant-based bar and restaurant that does a mean vegan bottomless brunch. For ?25 per person, you can pop down every Saturday for 90 minutes of delicious food and a limitless supply of sangria, margaritas or Prosecco. But what will you scoff? The brunch on toast sees sourdough topped with avocado, garlic mushrooms and homemade beans, but if you want to really treat yourself, give the cinnamon pancakes topped with maple syrup, yoghurt and fresh fruit a try.

Vegan Sharing Pizza at The Yorkshire Deli

Vegan pizzas might be nothing new, but The Yorkshire Deli’s incredible sharing effort certainly is. For ?40, you get a seriously epic metre-long, rectangular pizza. It’s big enough for six to share, so make sure you bring your pals. Better still, you get to create your own perfect topping combinations, so it’s all about you! But what will you go for? You can choose any four of their toppings, from mushrooms and peppers to olives, artichokes and capers. Take your pick and tuck in – it’s so big, don’t be afraid to ask for a doggy bag!

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