Smack talk – Also known as trash talk

Smack talk – Also known as trash talk

Square in – A pass route where the receiver runs straight downfield and then turns at a 90? angle to the middle of the field.

Squib kick – A kickoff that is intentionally of medium depth and intended for a player the middle row of blockers to run the ball back. The kickoff play is usually attempted when the kick returner is especially dangerous (ie Dante Hall) or when it will be the last play of the half. Kicking the ball deep to sufficiently set up their blocking and get a good return or all the way for a touchdown.

Any kind of talking to the other team that tries to intimidate or boasts of your own superiority. Frequently found funny by people it was not directed at.

This zone is used in part for determining an intentional grounding penalty

Statue of Liberty Play – Similar to an end-around, but the quarterback drops back and brings his arm up as if to pass. The end runs behind the quarterback, reaches up and takes the ball, and then continues on his run. This play takes its name from the way the quarterback pauses with his passing arm extended before the end takes the ball. grindr pc Rarely used in the NFL because of the increased risk of a fumble.

Strong side – Using the offensive center as the middle, it is the side of the offense that they have more players lined up. Usually the side where the tight end lines up. Some plays have a balanced formation and do not have a strong side.

Swing pass – A route used by running backs as they “swing” out of the backfield, where they break left or right of the line behind the line of scrimmage and then begin heading downfield. Often thrown in the flats. (The first few yards around the line of scrimmage where the receivers line up, but underneath where the corners are).

Tackle box – An area in the defensive backfield defined as between where both offensive tackles lined up that extends all the way backward to the end zone’s back line. No, it has nothing to do with fishing.

TD – Touchdown. Ok, if we have to explain this one, footballoutsiders might not be the best web site for you yet.

The Catch – Pass play in the 1981 NFC championship from Joe Montana to Dwight Clark to win the game 28-27 with only 51 seconds left.

Threw it away – When a quarterback legally throws an incomplete pass with the sole intention of ending the play and avoiding a sack.

Trenches – The offensive and defensive line

Touchback – A play that results in the ball being placed on the 20-yard line. Usually a result of the punter kicking the ball into the end zone, but can also occur if a fumbled ball is knocked out of the end zone by the defense.

Trap play – An offensive play where a defensive player is seeming allowed to go after the ball carrier unimpeded, only to find that he has been taken out of position or blocked in a away that allows the ball carrier to go where the defender just left.

Games can be won in the trenches which means the team whose linemen perform better on that day come out ahead.

Trips – Short for triple, as in three receivers. “Trips right” or “Trips left” mean three receivers are lined up on one side of the ball. If the defense is caught by surprise with this formation, the offense can get a mismatch leading to an easy reception. Drawback to this formation is the defense can crowd more defenders around the receivers and it leaves fewer offensive players to block for the quarterback.

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