Sanagi is actually well-liked by brand new college student council chief Hakari and also household members on social morals committee head Neko

Sanagi is actually well-liked by brand new college student council chief Hakari and also household members on social morals committee head Neko

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Gamble day Long (60h54m from votes)
Creator Sweets Soft
Editors Candy Mellow
Affairs Completely new online game Tsuyokiss 2nd
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This is the latest inside CandySoft’s Tsuyokiss show, included in their tenth anniversary. It possess new heroines Kachiki and you can Kitsune, in addition to side gay hookup Glasgow reports with the Tsuyokiss 2nd heroines and you will subcharacters.

After the graduation of ‘legendary era’, the new fighting amongst the beginner council additionally the social morals panel from the Ryuumeikan Gakuen had simmered down. He envision he could spend their months at the college or university privately, however, that all changed one-day whenever a strange burglar are chased of the social morals panel member Kitsune. The girl title is actually Kachiki, impact the latest popular surname Kiriya of previous student council frontrunner from inside the ‘legendary era’, hence however deal determine on college to this day. As a consequence of her looks, the initial strong people turned up within university again.

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This new protagonist, is more youthful relative of Kanisawa Kinu and you will offers similar attributes instance to be hot blood and being way more sports than seems. Detests are frowned up on by the women who try tall than just your.


Teacher away from 2-An effective and you may manager away from abuse committee, is concern by most of students. Try a genuine sadist you to becomes intimately sexy by the inflicting discomfort towards anyone else. Features a new power to detect people who find themselves think aroused/crappy or maybe just undisciplined/lazy/pathetic or other thought bad attributes. The better new score the greater she desires abuse.

Her husband is actually a ridiculous insecure steeped person with no really worth aside from money. After overcoming your long enough he turned into out updates person getting several amount and you may as an incredibly confident an effective/acknowledged entrepreneur. Which in turn Mashuu not enjoys him to have not-being ridiculous. Coincidentally why she made a decision to feel an instructor so you’re able to discipline horny people. Her bodily beatings are some how capable make some sort off pleasure stating the due to the woman like. And this even with anyone are frightened not one person features reported from the her yet ,.


College student off category dos-C. Try a reporter which is tend to taking pictures to type inside files. Are amicable to any or all possesses easy going identification. Is amongst the Murata sisters becoming sister of 12 sisters and only male Youhei. Like all the their siblings has great regard for her brother.

Mashuu Ichiho ?? ??
Proportions Height: 171cm, Bust-Waist-Hips: 91-61-87cm
Locks Black, Sidehair, Upright, Waist Duration+
Attention Cyan, Tsurime
System Make-up, Pale, Slim, Young-adult
Dresses Gowns that have Ribbons, Fishnet Stockings, Clothing, A wedding ring
Identification Friendly, Mischievous, Violent
Part Professor, Girlfriend
Engages in Teasing
Voiced by Kannazuki Honoka
Murata Kaho ?? ?? A great
Measurements Height: 161cm, Bust-Waist-Hips: 85-61-88cm
Birthday celebration 12 November
Hair Brownish, A lot of time, Parted from inside the Center, Ringlet, Sidehair, Wavy
Eyes Red
Body Pale, Narrow, Tattoo, Adolescent
Clothes Swimsuit, Clothes with Ribbons, Furisode, Hair Flower, Headband, High heel shoes, Knee-high Socks, Loafers, Miniskirt, Necktie, Pleated Dress, School Consistent, Shirt, Slippers, Vest, Bracelet
Situations Cam
Personality Airhead, Brocon, Carefree, Energetic, Restaurants Companion, Friendly, Loud
Role Classmate, Complete Aunt, Senior school Scholar, Creator, Sister-in-rules, More youthful Sis
Engages in Picture taking
Spoken because of the Nishino Korone

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