How to Use a Sex Swing (Without Pulling Any Muscles)

How to Use a Sex Swing (Without Pulling Any Muscles)

What do avocado toast and sex swings have in common? They both combine two amazing things to create something even better.

While sex swings come in different styles (some hang from the ceiling, some attach to the door, others are freestanding), “really, a sex swing is any device that can elevate you and/or your partner, helping you get into new positions or your favorite positions with more ease,” says Megan Stubbs, Ed.D. a clinical sexologist and relationships expert.

Because getting into the (ahem) swing of things takes some savvy, Shape called on Stubbs and Carly S., sex educator with The Pleasure Chest, for the 411 on sex swings. Scroll down for everything you need to know about the benefits of sex swings, how to use a sex swing (safely!), plus a few to buy.

Why You Should Use a Sex Swing

For starters, anytime you bring something new into the bedroom, there’s a sense of novelty. And novelty “is a really good thing for our sex lives, especially if you’ve been with your partner(s) for a while,” says Stubbs. (More on that here: Sex Therapists Share 8 Sex Tips for Women)

But why the heck would you invest something so #extra when a smaller novelty item (such as a clitoral vibrator or finger vibrator) might do the trick? Glad you asked. “In general, sex swings allow you to work smarter, not harder in the bedroom,” says Carly S. “They can give you genital access in new positions without requiring that you’re an acrobat, super flexible, able-bodied, or a porn performer,” she says.

How Does a Sex Swing Work?

Consider a position like stand and carry, for instance, which requires that one partner (the partner doing the penetrating) hold the other partner koala-bear style and thrust into them. Not only does this set-up require the partner with a penis or strap-on be strong and coordinated AF (seriously, imagine holding a human in your arms and thrusting without tipping over), it also requires the receiving partner to have decent hip mobility, strong quads, and be smaller-bodied. In short, it’s a position that sounds cool but is only accessible to a very specific partner combo.

Ditto with positions like the wheelbarrow and raised doggy (below) – which are straight-up hard and require being upside-down. (Maybe start practicing your handstands?)

This is where a swing comes in: “A sex swing gives couples of any strength, height, and weight the ability to try this kind of position,” according to Stubbs. When using a sex swing for these positions, you’d adjust the swing so that when the receiving partner sits/lies back, they’re aligned genital-to-genital with the standing partner. The penetrating partner can then hold the swinging partner’s hips and use the momentum of the swing to help with depth and rhythm, she explains.

There are a lot of different ways to use a sex swing, and a lot of different sex swing positions you can try. “A sex swing is really versatile,” says Stubbs. “It’s really great for oral sex because it allows the receiver to simply receive without having to hold their legs up or back or apart, which allows them to focus on the pleasure and not their leg placement.” Access without acrobatics? Here for it.

Stubbs calls out that while sex swings have a reputation for being hardcore, or even dangerous, in reality, they can actually be safer/more comfortable/and easier on your body than positions like rider-on-top, reverse rider-on-top, or doggy style, which can put a lot of strain on your hands, wrists, hips, or knees. (Related: 7 Reasons to Give Doggy Style Sex Another Shot)

Just listen to your bod – if your muscles start screaming at you, tell your partner and adjust the straps or your limb placement.

And be sure to check the weight limit. This is especially important if both of you are planning to climb aboard and try a weightless iteration of a classic partnered position like missionary or spooning.

The Best Sex Swings to Buy

Now that you know know how to use a sex swing, onto where to buy them. Good news: They’re probably less expensive than you might guess. “You really don’t need to spend more than $100 on one,” says Stubbs. (That’s actually less expensive than most luxury vibrators!) Invest in one of the four sex swings below, then give it a try.

Keep in mind, the first time you try using a sex swing, it may not be perfect. “Go in with a sense of humor and prepare to troubleshoot if you set the straps up too low or high or the position you were planning to try doesn’t quite work,” says Dr. Stubbs. Noted. (Related: 35+ Sex Positions You Can Try While Waiting for Your Sex Swing to Get Delivered)

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