Born recently, the Pageant of Ladies wants to recreate the atmosphere of the celebration of Corpus Domini, when Orvieto was invaded by the representatives of the feudal noble families coming from the urban area. The ladies came with their men, who had a statutory duty to preside over the great events that took place in the town. In those days, the wars and internal disputes for dominance and the government of the “state” were suspended by the Podestà and, to welcome the ladies guests, religious and recreational events alternated.


This Pageant, which takes place every year on the eve of Corpus Domini, is composed by noble ladies in their splendid costumes elegantly worn by 150 Orvieto women accompanied by “Bridesmaids” and “Musicians”. They go to the Cathedral to assist the function of “Vespers “, then to Piazza del Popolo to attend medieval flag-waving, dancers and jugglers performances.