OrvietoCostume-1The bond that has been created in the course of history, among the Pageant, Corporal and Eucharistic symbolism is unavoidable.
275LOGOAfter more than a thousand years from the splendour of the Etruscan civilization, when Volsinii-Orvieto was beautiful and dynamic, in the second half of the 1300 the town lived a period of vital power. Thanks to the powerful medieval town, city-state, Orvieto extended its rule over a vast and rich territory, from Orbetello (GR) to the shores of the Lake of Bolsena and inland to Mount Amiata (SI).
This period coincides with the spread and stabilization of the cult connected to the miracle of Bolsena (1263) and the Transiturus Bull promulgated by Pope Urban IV that instituted the solemn feast of Corpus Domini.