In the Chapel, left of the transept, there is the Reliquary, a wonderful monument of medieval goldsmith, where the Holy Corporal is preserved.

0008nqfThe work was carried out between 1337-1338 by Ugolino di Vieri da Siena, commissioned by Bishop Beltramo Monaldeschi; it’s in enamelled and chiselled silver, it’s 1.39 meters high and 0.63 meters wide and it cost 1274 florins. It has the shape of the façade of the Duomo and on the front compartments, possibly based on the drawings by Ambrogio Lorenzetti, the facts of the Life of the Virgin and the History of the Miracle of Bolsena are reproduced: the Annunciation, the Nativity, the Epiphany, the Presentation in the Temple, the Escape to Egypt, the Dispute of the Doctors, the Baptism of Jesus , the Temptations of Jesus, the Miracle of Bolsena, Urban IV listening to the Bohemian priest, the pope ordering the bishop to go in Bolsena, the bishop taking the Corporal and bringing it to Orvieto, Urban Iv going towards the Corporal, the pope showing the Corporal to the people, the establishment of the feast of Corpus Domini, the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem, the Last Supper, the Washing of the Feet.
In the rear side, some scenes from the life of Jesus are represented: the Agony in the Garden, the Capture of Jesus, Jesus before Anna, Jesus before Caiaphas, before Pilate, before Herod, back to Pilate, Pilate washing his hands, the Road to Calvary, the Crucifixion, the Deposition and the Resurrection.