Desk 3 gift suggestions the brand new ten functions quoted oftentimes when you look at the Scopus (A) and the SCIE (B)

Desk 3 gift suggestions the brand new ten functions quoted oftentimes when you look at the Scopus (A) and the SCIE (B)

Due to variations in the brand new retrospective coverage of each other database, one particular quoted content articles are not similar inside the each one of him or her. In Scopus, by far the most seem to cited (137 citations) ‘s the second element of a combination-sectional study of gains away from delivery so you’re able to adulthood penned in the 2008. This short article as well as corresponds to the best annual citation price while the their guide (thirteen.7). The initial element of this research ‘s the third usually quoted document (64 citations) and you will represents another highest annual pass price as book (6.4). The following most quoted document involved the organization off reduce-away from points to select metabolic syndrome during the match pupils applying the HOMA and you can QUICKI indices (65 citations), and you can is wrote during the 2007.

Exactly how many citations obtained because of the most quoted posts was visibly faster regarding the SCIE, just like the Anales de- Pediatria only has become noted having nine age. 78). babel The next most quoted file try a logical feedback and you can meta-analysis evaluating fast methods for the identification away from Streptococcus pyogenes (29 citations), try had written inside the 2007 and had an annual citation price as guide of step 3.63. The school that has been on it oftentimes from the 10 really quoted articles, both in Scopus additionally the SCIE, are a healthcare facility Universitario Vall d’Hebron.

Our very own science metrics look concerned about the study of one’s log Anales de Pediatria so you’re able to assess its exposure regarding SCIE and you may Scopus therefore the development of its really associated bibliometric evidence

The amount of performs indexed in Scopus in past times forty-two years has been contradictory, that have peaks and you can troughs which can apply at styles within the signs. On the 9 many years of indexing regarding the SCIE, we discovered a lot more consistent indexing which had been like indexing habits in the Scopus, apart from 2014, wherein Scopus incorrectly listed work blogged in different years. If at all possible, Scopus commonly correct such mistakes, many of which have impacted this new scientific literature, fourteen as an example regarding management of so-named “online-first stuff”, throughout the partnership regarding cited works together the fresh pointing out article writers otherwise the new duplication of info, among almost every other phenomena. 15–17 These circumstances, which are not related into the capabilities of editorial procedures from the latest journal or perhaps the top-notch its published material, is also certainly apply at symptoms, inflating otherwise deflating them.

The new document cited oftentimes (which have 34 citations) was named “Handgrip strength in kids and you can family aged out-of 6 to 18 years: Reference viewpoints and you can experience of size and the body composition” and you will was also the fresh document on the high yearly solution rates while the its guide (step 3

Additionally, we realized that these types of database do not usually adhere to brand new classification out of data made by log by along with them in particular sections. We discovered that a few of the files noted due to the fact blogs in Scopus was basically categorized as the letters or editorials about SCIE. For the an earlier study, Abad mais aussi al. 6 learned that the ratio of emails in the Foreign language pediatrics productivity try away from 19.2%, an amount one to greatly exceeded the global mediocre (seven.3%) and this probably lead on influence of letters wrote in Anales de Pediatria , a scenario that was also noted last year by the Gonzalez Alcaide mais aussi al. cuatro

The writer cooperation directory has increased about trajectory off Anales de Pediatria . The value of it sign is actually determined by several situations, including the limitation imposed by the record with the number of finalizing authors, which have resulted in a sustained value of which list inside compare into the marked increasing trend that were present in earlier decades.

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